Having a house cat is something that many family’s across the globe choose to abide by when accepting their living conditions. Having that one animal protecting your household from intruders, bugs, food from staying on the floor, as well as much more things when their left alone.

Well my cats different she’s sneaky, fast and very quiet in the way she chooses to carry herself. I’ve arrived home to messes and things I swore I left in a certain place different somehow? Being the independent person I am, there’s only one other person in the house at all times and that’s my cat!

This little sneaky one might be messing with my stuff whenever I’m gone. So I decided to try a little trick my friend does with her pets. She leaves a camera and records them while she’s gone for an extended amount of time. She told me some of the craziest things a pet can do once it knows it’s alone, so I purchased a video recording device and was ready to try this!

I left to work one day and had the recorder hooked up via my phone and could watch Bob on breaks. A lot of walking around and jumping onto things filled hours of footage. Some interesting things that Bob would do is jump on things I didn’t know she possibly could! Like my hydraulic rosin pressmy kitchen table, and tv. She really didn’t do much as I expected.

My cat Bob is just some boring cat waiting for her parent to get home from a long day of work 😉

I’ve had my cat for 7 years even though there were some intervals when she stayed with my mother while I was attempting to fix my life situation. She’s clearly attractive as a doorknob. (?) But she’s also a quite interesting cat. The very first thing that forced me to realize she was unique was when she figured out how to turn the light on and off, then she did it to my dvd player once. She continuously watches what humans are doing and she is suuuuuuper vocal. I possibly chose to make this worse by motivating the meowing from an earlier age. Now we meow back and forth all day but it can be irritating when I am ready for bed.

Also my cat is self aware. Seriously. She figured out it was her in her reflection when I got a complete mirror. She doesn’t attack her reflection she just sits really close to the mirror looking at herself and if I am behind her and say her name she’ll take a look at me in the reflection!! Now this seems pretty cool but in conjunction with what I am about to tell you about Mouse, it’s kinda weird.

Mouse is so evil toward other cats in a twisted way.

Mouse enjoy mentally fucking with other cats. She doesn’t only attack em. She’ll sit and stare their way for occasionally hours, really close to them, while they make unsatisfied noises and she will let the fear and anticipation build up after which attack them, and then repeat, again and again. As soon as she’s got any other cats in the home completely hiding, shaking, and peeing themselves she will lay in front of all of them with her belly out purring and happy. It’s kinda fucked and I did not know it was something until I moved far from my mom’s because there she was used to the other cats and most importantly, they watched her grow up from a kitten, and they weren’t scared of her so her shit did nothing to them aside from mildly annoying them.

Not just my cat but my dog is crazy and I love them!